Sunday, April 03, 2005

Update on Blog Field Study: Teen Guidelines

Hey guys,

Here’s an update on my research project of blog use in the classroom. The study is with a group my students. I picked all my eighth grade girls for the study. Thus, there are five students in the study. All the girls are in my special education Language Arts/ Reading class. All of the girls communicate on a blog I created specifically for them. They discuss various topics of interest to them. For example, they all voted on the topic of self-esteem for their first weeks discussion and now are on the topic of gangs.

Their reading levels range from 2nd grade-6th grade per the READ 180 Lexile Test, which is apart of the computerized reading program we use in class to suppliment the curriculum. Two girls have a computer at home and three do not. The girls with a computer at home type with both hands. Whereas, two of the girls without a computer type with one hand and the other predominately types with one hand also, but when prompted can type with both hands.

I originally told the girls that I was not going to correct their grammar at each post and they are free to post without me fixing their grammar. I also reminded them that others will be reading their work and to remember their audience. When I asked the girls about the guidelines they would like for our classroom blog I noticed a pattern. Therefore, I placed them into the following categories: confidentiality, authenticity, respect, and teamwork.

I am so proud of them for their effort. I don't think I could have come up with better guidelines and since the guidelines come from them they take more ownership over them. Alas, I’ll keep you updated on further knowledge I glean from the study. Thank you again for visiting Teachers, Blogs, and the Law. Please feel free to comment & have a great day! : )

Here's their responses:

“No tellin’ nobodies peeps” (i.e. confidentiality)

“Try to be honest, don’t be ‘bout dos games” (i.e. authenticity)

“Take dis serious” (i.e. authenticity)

“If u got something slick to say ‘bout somebody keep it to yo self” (i.e. respect)

“Everyone have to be repectful to everyone.” (i.e. respect)

“Make sure no one puts anyone down.” (i.e. respect)

“These is my guideline this is between the five girls and don't be mean to each other...peace out people.” (i.e. confidentiality & respect)

“They also have to work like a team. They also have to help eachother if they need help. You also have to help create things with eachother.” (i.e. teamwork)

“The last rule is to make sure you follow the rules.” (i.e. teamwork)


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